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Interview: J.M. Frey on Fire Through Spirit.

Want to hear me talk about using science fiction and fantasy to make our lived reality a better place?

Sure you do!

My interview with Corbie Mitleid of Fire Through Spirit is airing on Thurs July 3, 8pm EST , and will be available live-streamed at http://www.empoweradio.com.

Afterward, it will be available on the show’s archive as a podcast, on iheartradio.com, on Stitcher, and iTunes!

Topics covered are: -Why you can and should read YA, no matter your own age.
-Why cosplay is important in terms of community building, skill building, and helping people discover thier own truths.
-How reading SF/F makes you more open to other cultures and worlds
-How I am a big geeky dork, and how hot Wil Wheaton is.
-Also, I may or may not have given a hint about my next project announcement at the end…

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"Leaving Mundania"
A Documentary about Cosplay by Jiro Okada

Leaving Mundania explores the colourful lives of “cosplayers” who express their fandom through costuming and roleplay.

Through candid footage and in-depth interviews, Leaving Mundania offers an intimate view of this colorful fan culture, revealing how cosplayers stand apart from the “mundanes” of the everyday world.

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Fandom Is Important To Me Because...


… I Was Once A Fanfiction Writer and Now I’m a Published Author
(who wishes she had time to write some more fanfic!)

The first time I wrote down a story, the first time I made up a story that wasn’t in the midst of playground play or for an assignment in school, was a Mary Sue Sailor Moon

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Happy Halloween!

Here is my costume - a steampunk flight attendant!

Not the best quality photos, but here is the coat I’ve been hand sewing for the past few months. The hat, scarf, and wristlets were created for me by Anouk Adrien of the amazing steampunk band Victor Sierra.

I’m already to board the Hydrogen Queen! Can I offer you tea? Whiskey? A Gear-Grinder cocktail?

Check out my other Cosplays here (links at the bottom of the post)

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The TARDIS Shows Off

Model: J.M. Frey
Costume (The TARDIS Gown): designed by J.M. Frey; built by Ashley Katryna and Kenneth Shelley
Parasol: Hand Dyed to match the costume by Bedford Falls Headware
Jewellery: J.M. Frey and Red Moon Creations
Photos: Amanda Irwin

Taken at Withrow Park, Toronto

More Photos:

The TARDIS Gown Inspiration Explanations
The TARDIS is in Two Eras At Once (1890 & 2013)
The TARDIS Visits the Seaside (circa 1890)
The TARDIS Loves Instant Photos (circa 1970)
The TARDIS Attends A Party (2011)
The TARDIS Gets Cheeky (2013)
The TARDIS Steals a Time Lord and Runs Away (1963)
The TARDIS Comforts the Lonely God (1987)
The TARDIS Shows Off (Costume Details)
The TARDIS Picks Her Favourites

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Happy Hallowe’en!

I thought I’d send this around again to celebrate the season! Happy Hallowe’en, my fellow cosplayers and Whovians.

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Joan Sheppard (And Meredith McKay)
Genderbent Stargate: Atlantis

Originally created for the Stargate McKay Contest and film-maker Karen Wood’s entry “Swirlygate Atlantis”, we loved the costumes so much that we wore them around a bit!

Joan Sheppard: J.M. Frey
Meredith McKay: Karen Simmons
Both SGC jackets made by Karen.

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Genderbent Sherlock (Including some Red Pants Monday!)
Steampunk Shadowcat
Inu Yashiko
Stargate: Atlantis

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Inu Yashiko
Genderbent Inu Yasha

Premiered at Fan Expo 2007. Clearly I like to do genderbent costumes!

The idea for this costume came while I was taking Nihon Buyo lessons while I lived and taught in Japan. I figured that if Inu Yasha had been born female instead of male, big brother Sesshomaru might not have thrown the half-breed whelp out to fend for herself, and instead might have raised her as a Princess.

That in mind, I created a costume that was as historically accurate to the period and station of a Princess of that era as possible. The wig took the most time, I recall, because I had to sew about a hundred thousand wefts of silver and white onto a cap to create a “natural highlighting” look with the hair. I collected the various pieces from kimono markets, temples, cosplay shops, (the ears are from Tokyo Disneyland), and the makeup was bought from a Geisha supply store in Kyoto.  As I had no sewing machine with me in Japan, there are several hundred hours worth of handsewing on those hems!

The embroidery is actually hand painted onto the fabric, and I dissassembled and cut apart the obi and the kimono, and cleverly rigged it all with zippers, snaps, ties, and in the case of the obi, an actual metal cage made from an old erector set to hold the bow rigid and in shape. While a kimono this elaborate usually takes about three hours to don (I know, I’ve done it!), this takes about half an hour.

The photos don’t show it well, but I’m also wearing yellow contact lenses, fake fangs, and longer fingernails, to reflect the actual physicality of Inu Yasha in the show.

(One of these days I’ll have to book another photoshoot with Elemental Photos and get some really nice shots of this costume.)

Kagome: Ruby Pixel (takes comissions) 
Inu Yashiko: J.M. Frey
Photos: Unknown. I culled them from my camera an age ago.

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