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Sympathy for the Daleks
What did the Daleks ever do to you?
What makes us so much badder than that meddling doctor… who?
We’re little more than garbage cans that barely reach your knees
With bodies made of tin-foil and some flashing LEDs

We’d like to get to know you better
We think it’d be great
It really means “I love you” when we say *EXTERMINATE*

What is your big problem with the dark lords of the Sith?
Those pesky rebel Jedis like to spread this hurtful myth
The Force Choke and the Deathstar were unfortunate mistakes
And the footage of the Ewok thing was obviously faked

We’re really not so bad you know
We’re good guys, through and through
And if you search your feelings, you will know it to be true

We Cylons are misunderstood, it’s a fact you can’t deny
We’re just another human scheme gone terribly awry
You built a master-race of robots, for to be your slaves
And somehow you assumed we’d acquiesce and we’d behave

But we’re willing to forgive you all
For holding us in thrall
And you can take our word - so say one, so say we all

You hate the Borg collective; have you stopped to question why?
Just ‘cause we assimilated some uptight, bald British guy?
Our story-lines made Voyager an unexpected hit
And do we even need to bring up Jeri Ryan’s *ahem* …implants?

We’re the best addition to the franchise since Wrath of Khan
Resistance isn’t futile, it’s just highly frowned upon

Well the Daleks are cool, the Sith are all right, the Cylons are okay and the Borg are pretty tight.
If you take a look around I think that you’ll come to see, we really are superior, so sing along with me:

Bow down before the one you serve
You’re going to get what you deserve..


from For The Record, released 03 April 2012 
Lead Vox & Rhythm Guitar: Alex James
Backup Vox & Lead Guitar: Sean May
Bass, Percussion: Theo Posthumus
Additional Vocals: Theo Posthumus, Rory & Julie Taillon, Matt & Ange Darling

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In celebration of Fish Fingers and Custard day, I offer up “Sympathy for the Daleks” by the fantastic comedy folk rock band Nerds With Guitars. I have seen them live and they are hilarious in person!

Listen to two more free tracks here, and their hit “There’s An App For That” below.

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